Please be informed a data purging activity for applications before year 2013 will be carried out on  06 Oct 16 - (15:00hours). There will NOT be any disruption to the system. However please be informed only transaction from 2013 to date will be available. Please contact FAMA HQ officer - En Azuan for any data before year 2013.


Penguatkuasaan Sijil Perakuan Pematuhan (CoC) bagi Durian Ulas Sejuk Beku dan Surat Pengecualian (EL) bagi Durian Pes Sejuk Beku di bawah perintah Kastam (Larangan Mengenai Eksport) 2012.
Surat Perintah Larangan


Kindly refer to User Guide for more details.
FAMA - Prohibition of Exports Permit Order 2011

Surat Pendaftaran dalam Sistem e-sijil 3p
Certificate of Conformity
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