Announcement on LIVE Implementation of Dagang Net Enhanced Prepaid System for eSijil 3P customers

Dear Valued Customers,

Warmest Greetings from Dagang Net Technologies Sdn Bhd. 

We are pleased to announce the LIVE implementation of Dagang Net Enhanced Prepaid system  for eSijil3P customers effective 22 June 2014.

This system has been enhanced with improved features and improved performance for eSijil3P customers. Performing top up with ease, detailed report on payment transaction and top up activity are some of the new features that is made available for eSijil3P customer with just a click.

To ensure smooth experience with the enhanced prepaid system for eSijil3P customers, we strongly recommend that you go through the following: 

LIVE Date : 22 June 2014

Access : Please access this service in the new platform We encourage you to bookmark the site for future reference and easier access.

System Downtime : There will be system downtime for prepaid system for eSijil 3P as part of efforts to deploy the new enhanced prepaid platform.

Date/Time : 21 June 2014,  18:00pm to 23:59pm

Channel affected :

You are advised not to access the system during this downtime.

Benefits :

  • 24 operating hours
  • Easy prepaid top up
  • Pay what you use
  •  Able to manage cost of operating business
  • Paperless
  • No minimum balance required in prepaid account to do transaction

User Guide : Please read the attached FAQ on Enhanced Prepaid System for eSijil3P for more details. The FAQ will be updated from time to time, and the latest version of the FAQ and user manual will be posted on

Inquiries : Please contact our Careline at:

Tel : 1 300 133 133

Fax : 603-2713 2990

Email :

Facebook : Dagang Net Careline

eCareline :


Thank You


Kindly refer to User Guide for more details.
FAMA - Prohibition of Exports Permit Order 2011

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